Make stress you ally©

This training is dedicated to anyone who wants to learn more about stress in a broad perspective and who seeks durable and pragmatic solutions to cope better with stress.

High workload? Sensitive to stress? Do you feel a lack of energy? Are you sometimes irritable, upset, tensed, nervous, do you have problems concentrating? Do you worry (at night)? Is bad sleep an issue for you?

Chronic stress is often a cause of such signs.

Stress is often unavoidable and strikes more than half of the working population. When stress becomes chronic and you don’t have the tools to cope with it accurately, the consequences can be devastating and cost a great deal of money to health care systems and to companies. In the UK, 10,4 million working days were lost due to stress. 

Chronic stress causes absenteeism, a loss of performance, presenteeism, cognitive problems, irritability and aggressive behavior on the work floor, a wide range of health problems, insomnia and can lead to burnout.

The training “Make stress your ally©” is an expert-driven, dynamic and interactive training that will allow participants to get a mass of insights on stress, on the link between stress and sleep and on how to reduce stress.  They will learn with a very hands-on technique how to cope differently with stress(ors).  It will provide them with practical tips, tools and tricks that are immediately applicable to make stress an ally instead of an enemy.

Target Audience: Anyone confronted with a high workload, stress, lack of energy or sleeping problems. 

Available as Keynote, Workshop and Webinar

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